What is the full form of IRDA?


In this article, we are going to perceive the theory of insurance regulators easily. India is famous for the joint family concept, there the head of the family is the grandparents, who act as the protector of each member.

They take care of everyone’s needs and maintain a balance for fair practices to keep the family united. He treats everyone equally and helps the family in crisis guiding them on how to steer out of it. 

Now, Similar to how the head of the family plays, IRDA runs the Indian insurance industry as per its set rules and guidelines. IRDA is the Insurance Regulatory body in India that governs both Life insurance and General insurance companies. 

What is the full form of IRDA? 

  • The full form of IRDA is the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. The insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is an autonomous body set up under the IRDA Act, 1999. 
  • IRDAI’s Mission is to protect the interests of policyholders and to regulate and develop the insurance industry it controls India’s insurance industry.
  • Now, Hyderabad is the headquarters of IRDA, earlier it was Delhi.


What is the purpose of IRDA? 

  • In the year 1850 Insurance started with the primary General insurance company established in Kolkata. Soon, with the years gone the insurance market became competitive as several insurers started emerging each in the life and non-life sectors. 
  • Each Insurance company keeps its business on its rates and rules. It generates customers’ insecurity that brought the trustworthiness of the insurance market at stake. As early as the government complete this reality, they thought of securing the customer’s interest initially and thus established an independent regulatory body known as IRDA.  
  • In recent times, new demands travel, and therefore the market got flooded with many insurance companies assist the head of the family would act to stop the family from any dangerous crisis, IRDA monitors the event of the insurance business and different connected activities. 

How does IRDA works? 

Contemplate to maintain a professional business, it's vital to take care of properness. And so, the one who breaks the rule and disturbs the peace has to be checked instantly. like this, IRDA works and acts  on numerous things are mentioned below :

  • IRDA is a self-governing body with the sole mission to control honest practices in the insurance market to stop the loss of customers.
  • The trade is currently expected to succeed in US$280 billion by the year 2020. It poses that there's an extended way to go and thus there arises a dreadful want for IRDA actions. to stay up the expansion.
  • To protect the interest of policyholders at the time of claims, policy issue time, and cancellation of the policy is the final motive. Hence, it monitors that no insurance firm will deny the claim of their power unless it falls on the far side of the scope of the insurance coverage.  
  • There is a desire to tame the market to a single tune that brings the customers together so contend with one another merely supported the discounts. And so, IRDA clearly states the code of conduct for all insurance firms, surveyors, and loss assessors.  
  • To prevent any wrongful conduct, it concerns each annual or need-based audit, conduct investigations, and incorporate data from either the insurance firms or intermediaries.
  • Regulate the rates and terms offered by the insurance firms to bring equality for the customers. If there arises any dispute between the insurance firm and also the client, then IRDA can step in to produce a resolution. 
  • To prevent completely different insurers' quote rates as per their convenience, they sure the most important risks to the Tariff Advisory Committee. After this, the insurers are looking to the share of premium income they'd got to fund the skilled organizations. 


  • Keeping in mind the event of each the urban and therefore the rural sectors, IRDA bounds the insurers with a minimum proportion to hold each life and non-life business. 
  • The scope of work is wide and IRDA as a body works permanently within its limit without affirmative any single insurance firm. 


Roles and Functions of IRDA

Role of IRDA

  • At one point in time, some insurance firms want to deny coverage to their policyholders. the idea of the denial was either their alternative of business to underwrite or their understanding of fine risk and dangerous risk. to control the market and minimize any form of partial acts, the IRDA was established.
  • Financial institutions like banks and insurance firms are famous in our democracy till market practices are for the bulk and not only for fraction of individuals. 
  • Ensures and encourages the systematic growth of the insurance trade simply to profit the folk who invest in policies to appear for safety. 
  • To protect the interest of the policyholders so they trust the system. 
  • To Promote high standards of integrity and truthful dealings within the market. 
  • To Resolve disputes of all types and speed up claim settlement. 
  • To Set standards and conduct, vigilance to see for scams or frauds. 

Functions of IRDA

  • It is answerable for the policymaking and supervising of all Indian insurance corporations.  
  • It ensures the privacy of policyholders concerning claim resolution, policy surrender worth, and so on. 
  • It lays down the credentials, code of ethics, and ability needed for insurance intermediaries & agents. 
  • It operates by the Tariff informatory Committee is overseen. 
  • It controls investment by insurance companies in funds. 
  • The percentage of life insurance and general insurance activities within the rural and urban sectors is increasing. 
  • It Judges the conflicts between insurers and insurance agents.
  • It Prevents insurance policies from fraud and spelling.
  • It  Guarantees speedy claims settlement. 

Entities Regulate by IRDA

As an insurance regulator, IRDA regulates some entities as follows 

  • Insurance Marketing Firms:

It is one type of entity  to procures insurance products and distributes and serves its  products

  • Third-Party Administrators

It is a type of entity primarily active in the health market and provides services regarding health care insurance and claims to the policyholders.

  • Individual Agents

It is the third type of IRDA, an IRDA authorized person who sells the policies to the public and also supplies the service regarding the claims, etc. IRDA issues a license to him in any type of insurance like life insurance, health insurance, etc.

  •  Insurance Brokers

An IRDA entity is an insurance broker that acts as a mediator between the company and the policyholder. Customers can get the best beneficial policy by his advice as an expert etc. He gets commission from both sides per sale.

  •  Loss Assessors

Loss assessors are the field officers who assess the claim file and examine the party’s loss in the incidents, like fire and accident loss, etc. 

  •  Web Aggregators

The persons who can give entire information on different policies on different websites. They deal with the customers who buy policies online through various websites etc.


 The Indian economy is growing that more promotes the doorway of the latest insurance players into the market. to stay the pace of growth even-handed, IRDA has to maintain standards of quality. it'll contribute to strengthening the monetary capability of a country as an entire.


Who is the present Chairman of IRDA?

Debasish Panda is the present Chairman of IRDA, on Monday 6th June he took charge as chairman of IRDA for three years. The First Chairman of IRDA was an ex-governor of RBI R.N.Malhotra in 1993