What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is the act of creating monetary transactions on a mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc.). This activity will be as easy as a bank sending fraud or usage activity to a consumer’s mobile phone or as advanced as a client paying bills or sending cash abroad. The benefits of mobile banking embody the flexibility to bank anywhere and at any time. Disadvantages embody security considerations and a restricted variety of capabilities compared to banking personally or on a laptop.

Understanding MobileBanking

  • Understanding Mobile Banking is extremely convenient in today’s digital age with many banks giving spectacular apps. The power to deposit a check, obtain merchandise, transfer cash to an addict, or search out an ATM instantly are reasons folks prefer to use mobile banking. However, establishing a secure affiliation before working into a mobile banking app is vital, alternatively, a client may risk personal info being compromised.
  • Before the introduction and enablement of mobile network services in 1999, mobile banking was completed primarily through text or SMS; it was called SMS banking. European banks were on the frontier of mobile banking service gives, using the mobile net via WAP support.
  • SMS banking and mobile web were the foremost standard mobile banking product before 2010. With the event of smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems, mobile banking applications (apps) began to evolve. Clients were ready to transfer the banking apps onto their smartphones with a lot of sophisticated interfaces and improved transactional talents.
  • Nowadays, many financial institutions build use of each SMS and mobile application to stay their purchasers know of their account activities or to send alerts relating to doable fraud and/or updates and maintenance of service provision.
  • Examples will be a text message from a bank, notifying users that their ATMs or apps won't be accessible throughout a selected period because of system maintenance, or a confirmation text from the bank relating to a transfer distributed by the shopper via the mobile app.

Types of Mobile Banking Services

Mobile banking services are classified as follows

1. Account info access

Account info access permits customers to view their account balances and statements by requesting a mini statement, review transactional and account history, keep track of their term deposits, review and examine loan or card statements, access investment statements (equity or mutual funds), and for a few institutions, management of insurance policies.

2. Transactions

Transactional services modify clients to transfer funds to accounts at an equivalent establishment or alternative establishments, perform self-account transfers, pay third parties (such as bill payments), and build purchases together with alternative applications or paid service suppliers.

3. Investments

Investment management services enable customers to manage their portfolios or get a period view of their investment portfolios (term deposits, etc.)

4. Support services

Support services alter clients to examine the standing of their requests for loan or credit facilities, follow up on their card requests, and find ATMs.

5. Content and news

Content services give news related to finance and therefore the latest offers by the bank or institution.

Challenges related to Mobile Banking

Some of the challenges related to mobile banking embody (but are not restricted to):

  • Accessibility supported the type of French telephone being employed
  • Security considerations
  • Reliability and quantifiability
  • Personalization ability
  • Application distribution
  • Upgrade synchronization abilities

 Importance of Mobile Banking

  • Mobile banking permits consumers to be ready to access banking services from any place. Businesses and business homeowners are currently ready to save time by using mobile applications to method their payments or maybe receive funds from purchasers on to their phone numbers. it's significantly popular among tiny to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
  • With mobile technology, banks can prevent operational prices while still maintaining shopper satisfaction. The fact that any client of a bank will build use of their app to request a service, like an open an account or potentially the power to schedule debit orders or other payments from an application, permits for larger transactional volumes, eventually driving business growth.

Banks give mobile banking services to their customers in the alternative ways listed here:

  • Mobile Banking over mobile applications (for smartphones; e.g. SBI mobile banking and iMobile by ICICI  Mobile Banking, etc.)
  • Mobile Banking through SMS Banking
  • Mobile Banking over Unstructured Supplementary Service knowledge (USSD)
  • Mobile Banking – Services on the market

Mobile banking is profitable  to customers as follows 

Access to Account info

Information is power. And thus, knowing your actual bank balance is vital. This helps you in the higher management of your funds. And thus, this is often the first mobile banking service provided by any bank. you'll check the following:

  • View account balance (balance inquiry)
  • Transaction history
  • e-statement of account
  • Loan statements
  • Card statements
  • e-Passbooks


Making payments and transferring cash from one account to a different is the most simple banking activity. Thus it solely is sensible that these are the foremost used and in-demand mobile banking services. You'll transfer funds to anyone by adding them as beneficiaries or just via Unified Payments Interface or UPI.

  • Bank-to-bank transfers
  • Transfer of funds to self
  • Payments to 3rd parties (rent payments, bill payments, etc.)
  • Giving standing instructions for periodic payments
  • Payments via NEFT/IMPS/RETG/UPI/MMID


  • Opening fixed deposits
  • Mutual fund investments
  • Portfolio management services (e.g. SBI Capital Securities)

iMobile is ICICI Bank's official mobile banking application. iMobilepay is the foremost comprehensive and secure Mobile Banking application, for obtaining payments. ICICI BANK. iMobile app provides you the ability to invest in all banking services - 24*7. With over two hundred services, iMobile helps you to save, pay, invest,
PNB Mobile Banking has enriched with PNB net banking app many options providing all banking facilities on one platform. Indian Bank Mobile Banking Application options · Account balance for numerous accounts within the bank as long as they're connected with the CIF

Tips for secured mobile banking

  • Use a secure network connection
  • Licensed antivirus
  • Subscribe for push message notification


Apart from the account outline, bill payments, fund transfers, and investments, there are alternative services that a client outline for sleek banking expertise. Also, there could be times after you have some grievances and because of lack of time, don't seem to be able to address them. For such further services, you'll forever resort to your bank’s mobile banking and realize solutions to your complaints or queries. These services include:

  • ATM locators
  • Branch locators
  • Lodging complaint/ chase applications
  • Ordering new checkbook
  • Canceling/stopping an issued check


What is the Mobile banking app for HDFC?

HDFC MobileBanking offers you a similar alone level of security as HDFC Bank Internet Banking. solely you'll be able to log in to your account together with your Cust ID and your confidential IPIN (Internet PIN) All account info is 128-bit SSL protected.

How am I able to activate mobile banking in Canara Bank?

After booming installation opens the app by clicking the new Canara bank mobile banking icon. Click on the future button to continue once choosing the Registered Mobile Number (RMN) with the Bank. SMS are initiated by the chosen SIM; make sure the balance is accessible to send the SMS with success.

What is the Bank of Baroda mobile banking app?

There are a lot of different advantages of employing a mobile banking application. Thus, to supply swift and simple banking expertise to our customers, Bank of Baroda offers you a banking app, bob World App. It will assist you to access your Bank of Baroda account info from any place and at any time that's convenient for you.