What is an Investment Bank? 

An investment bank is a financial services company that acts as an intermediary in massive and complicated financial transactions. An investment bank is typically concerned once a startup company prepares for its launch of associate initial public offering (IPO) and once a company merges with a challenger. It also features a role as a broker or financial authority for big institutional purchasers like pension funds.

Global investment banks embrace JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America, Credit Schweiz, and Deutsche Bank. 

Investment Bank Meaning

An investment bank is a bank that can provide securities and is involved in trading financial instruments.

 How an Investment Bank Works

  • The consultative division of an investment bank is paid a fee for its services. The trading division earns commissions that are supported by its market performance. As noted, several even have retail banking divisions that create cash by lending cash to customers and businesses. 
  • Professionals who work for investment banks could have careers as money advisors, traders, or salespeople. An investment banking career is profitable however usually comes with long hours and vital stress 

The negotiator Role 

  •  Investment banks are the best well-known for their work as intermediaries between an organization and therefore the financial markets. That is, they assist companies issue shares of stock in an IPO (Initial Public Offering)(commerce|commercialism|mercantilism/trading) or an extra stock offering. They conjointly prepare debt finance for firms by finding large-scale investors for company bonds. 
  • The investment bank's informative role begins with pre-underwriting counsel and continues once the distribution of securities. 
  • The investment bank is accountable for examining a company’s money statements for accuracy and publishing a prospectus that describes the giving thoroughly to investors before the securities are accessible for purchase. 
  • Investment bank customers embrace companies, pension funds, alternative financial institutions, governments, and hedge funds
  • Size is an asset for investment banks. A lot of connections the bank has inside the world money community, a lot of possible it's to profit by matching patrons with sellers, particularly for distinctive transactions. 

The Three Functions of Investment bank operations are often roughly divided into:. 
Financial Advisors 

  • As a financial advisor to giant institutional investors, an investment bank could give strategic recommendations on a range of financial matters. 

  • They accomplish this mission by combining an intensive understanding of their clients' objectives, industry, and international markets with the strategic vision necessary to identify and evaluate short- and long-run opportunities and challenges. 

 Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • Simplifying Mergers and Acquisitions could be a key component of an investment bank's work. 
  • The investment bank estimates the worth of a possible acquisition and helps hash out a good value for it. It conjointly assists in structuring and facilitating the acquisition to create the deal go as worthless as potential. 


  • Investment banks have analysis divisions that review firms and write reports regarding their prospects, typically with obtain, hold, or sell ratings. This analysis might not generate revenue directly however it assists its traders and business department. 
  • The research division conjointly provides investment proposals to outside customers who will complete a trade through the trading desk of the bank, which might generate revenue for the bank. 
  • Research maintains associate investment bank's institutional information on credit analysis, fastened financial gain analysis, economic science analysis, and measure, all of that is used internally and outwardly to advise customers. 
  • Size is an asset within the investment banking business, wherever the most important investment banks suppose a worldwide network to match patrons and sellers. 

Criticism of Investment Banks 

  •  Investment banks advise external customers in one division and trade their accounts in another. That's a possible conflict of interest. 

  • To prevent it, investment banks should maintain what's referred to as a Chinese wall between divisions. This figurative barrier is supposed to stop the sharing of knowledge that will permit one facet or the opposite to below-the-belt profit at the expense of its customers. 

 Main Key Points of Investment Banks
Investment banks focus on managing complicated money transactions like IPOs and mergers for company customers. 

Modern investment banking is often a division of a much bigger bank establishment like Citibank and JPMorgan Chase. 

A 'Chinese wall' is meant to separate investment banking activities from the company's mercantilism division to forestall conflicts of interest.