What is a High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP)?

A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is an unregistered investment vehicle that guarantees considerably higher returns with very little or no risk. They are generally run by unlicensed people and are scams, taking cash from new investors to pay existing investors.

Understanding HYIP

  • HYIP may also be mentioned as a prime bank scam as a result scammers might tell investors that their investment is involved in financial instruments from prime banks. However, in reality, it's not the case as a result they're not attached to any prime bank.
  • A high-yield investment program is also a kind of Ponzi scheme, a fraud that tries to attract investors by paying them profits and making use of the cash invested from new investors. In such an arrangement, investors are unaware that the profits they're being paid come back from the cash happiness to different investors. The organizers of the fraudulent scheme might incorrectly claim that the profits return from dividends, product sales, or excess income from a business.
  • The goal of a Ponzi scheme is for the scammers to induce cash from investors and continue recycling the cash they receive from investors to provide to new investors. In reality, however, there aren't any actual profits. Once the theme becomes unsustainable, the scammer can take all the cash, and investors can lose everything they invested with them.

Characteristics of a High-Yield Investment Program

  • Below are a number of the characteristics of a high-yield investment program. If you ever come upon a person, organization, or website that looks suspicious, here are some telltale signs that may facilitate differentiate a scam from one thing legitimate:
  • High-yield investment programs typically promote unrealistically high returns to draw interest victims, like promising over 100 percent returns in one year.
  • Scammers are typically not clear regarding the business they are in or the transactions that occur to cover the fact that there's no real business and no actual profits.
  • Scammers are going to be obscure regarding the investments that they work with, like not being clear regarding wherever the investor’s cash is invested and the way portfolios are managed.
  • The website might not offer necessary legitimate details, like contacts, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and legal disclosures.

How to Avoid a High-Yield Investment Program

  • If the returns of investment appear excessive with very little to no risk, it's proof that you just ought to use caution regarding the investment. Speak with a skilled investor if you're unsure regarding something. If you stumble upon a questionable investment online, ensure that you just additionally do your analysis to confirm it's a legitimate investment established by a reputable organization.
  • Research to examine if there are any analyst reports or news articles that may provide you with a touch regarding the believability of the investment. To boot, be watchful for suspicious websites don't simply offer out personal data to websites that you just don't seem to be conversant in. Install an antivirus package and spyware checker to safeguard your pc.

  • To avoid being exploited by HYIP scammers, investors can take help from the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Scams like extreme high returns and fake financial instruments mean assets are traded all over the world. It is a real or virtual document that shows legal agreement in the form of monetary value.
  • HYIP's Owners use secrecy and a lack of transaction glassy to hide the actuality that there are no legal underlying investments.
  • Asking more questions and using common sense is the best procedure to protect ourselves from the HYIP scams.

HYIP Examples


  • Technology and digitization are currently creating it easier for folks to arrange deceitful monetary schemes. Above all, high-yield investment programs exist within the cryptocurrency market. Scammers who wish to benefit from obscurity as a result of Bitcoin may be changed over the net with simply a pocketbook address.
  • It is additionally not tough for scammers to form a deceptive website that advertises a bizarrely high come for Bitcoin. If they're able to attract those who will offer them an add of cash, the scammers can add the potential investors to their theme, wherever they'll fund investors with returns that come back from the cash of alternative investors. Eventually, the website might disappear from the net, and investors can lose all the cash that they’ve deposited on the website.

Zeek Rewards

  • Zeek Rewards was a company past Paul Burks. It publicized an investment chance that secure returns that came from the profits of Zeekler, which was a penny auction website. It secures investors' returns of one.5% day by day. They additionally needed investors to pay a monthly subscription fee. However, once investors got their returns, the cash came from the investments provided by new investors.
  • In the end, Zeek Rewards was engaged with an $800 million Ponzi theme that wedged close to a million investors. It became one of the most important Ponzi schemes in history. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Board of India formally filed a grievance against Zeek Rewards and Paul Burks in 2012. In July 2016, a federal jury guilty Burks of wire and fraud, wire and fraud conspiracy, and tax fraud conspiracy.

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