What is a Bank Statement?

What is a Bank Statement? 

A financial statement may be a document (also called an account statement) that's typically sent by the bank to the account holder monthly, encapsulating all the transactions of an account throughout the month.

Bank statements contain checking account info, like account numbers and an in-depth list of deposits and withdrawals. 

How to get a Bank Statement? 

A bank gives a financial statement to an account holder that shows the elaborated activity within the account. It permits the account holder to examine all the transactions processed on their account. Banks typically send monthly statements to an account holder on the collection date. Additionally, transactions on a statement typically seem in chronological order.

Special concerns

  •  Many banks provide account holders with the choice of receiving paper statements or exploiting paperless, electronic ones, sometimes delivered via email.  
  • An electronic version of a financial statement is thought of as an electronic statement or e-statement and permits account holders to access their statements online wherever they'll transfer or print them. Some banks email statements to customers as an attachment. Some bank machine machines (ATMs) provide the choice to print a summarized version of a financial statement, known as transaction history
  • Even with the convenience, value, and accessibility of electronic statements, paper statements are not seemingly to travel away anytime shortly.  
  • Simple fraction like a mix of paper and electronic statements.2 several recipients of e-statements still print out their statements at home, preferring to stay a permanent record. 

Benefits of a bank statement 

  1. During the reconciliation of their bank account with the statement, account holders ought to check for discrepancies. Account-holders should report discrepancies in writing as shortly as attainable. 
  2. A statement is additionally said as an accounting. It shows if the bank is responsible for an account holder’s cash. 
  3. Bank statements are a good tool to assist account holders to keep track of their cash. They'll facilitate account holders tracking their finances, determining errors, and acknowledging payment habits.  
  4. An account holder ought to verify their checking account daily—either daily, weekly, or monthly—to guarantee their records match the bank’s records. This helps scale back overdraft fees, errors, and fraud. 
  5. If any discrepancies are found, they need to be according to the bank in an exceedingly timely manner. Account-holders sometimes have sixty days from their statement date to dispute any errors. They ought to keep monthly statements for a minimum of one-year requirements for a financial statement. 
  6. Parts of a statement embody info regarding the bank—such as bank name and address—as well as your info. The financial statement also will contain account info and also the statement date, also because of the starting and ending balance of the account. 
  7. Details of every bank transaction—notably the amount, date, and payee—that passed off within the bank account throughout the amount also will be enclosed, like deposits, withdrawals, checks paid, and any service charges.

How to get Bank Statement Online? 

Typically, members will access their latest bank statements on their monetary institution's website. Otherwise, you'll request a monthly paper statement be delivered to your home. 

What is the distinction Between a financial statement and a transaction action History? 

A transaction history differs from a financial statement therein it's a record of all transactions for that bank account for a collection amount that you simply have chosen.  

Typically, a financial statement solely covers one month of transactions and will leave recent or unfinished transactions out.


All bank transactions in a list are called bank statements over some time, typically monthly. The bank statement contains the beginning and ending balance for the period as well as deposits, charges, and deposits. This is Cognizance About Bank Statement