List of Top banks in India


Nowadays, Banks in India are in terms of provide, product range, and reach-even although access in rural India remains a challenge for the personal sector and foreign banks.

Top 11 Banks in India:

The banking sector plays an important role in any economy’s growth and therefore the largest banks in India have assisted India’s development in some ways. The top ten banks in India have dominated the banking sector for quite a while and they have a combined market share of more than 70%. Moreover, investment in Indian banks has become far more enticing and is one of the dominant sectors within the Asia-Pacific region.

This article has provided an inventory of the most important banks in the country. These banks are liable for creating the most essential job opportunities in the country. Moreover, they need to contribute to the increasing purchasing power capability and per capita financial gain of the country. Check the entire list of the top ten banks in the country and realize key details concerning those banks in the entire article.

Top Banks in India

Below is the list of the top banks in India in 2022. India is home to twelve public sector banks and twenty-one personal sector banks. Additionally, there are forty-five foreign banks in the personal sector supporting the Indian banking industry.

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. State Bank of India
  3. ICICI Bank
  4. Axis Bank
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  6. IndusInd Bank
  7. Yes Bank
  8. Punjab national bank
  9. Bank of Baroda
  10. Bank of  India
  11. IDFC First Bank

List of top banks in India

Given below are the top largest banks in India 2022. The list contains the private banks and government banks in India.

HDFC Bank Ltd.

Bank Name HDFC Bank LTD
Chair Person Atanu Chakraborty
Head Quarters Mumbai
No.of Branches 5,103
No. of  ATMs 13,160
Total Assets  21.23 lakh crores INR

HDFC Bank Ltd

  • HDFC Bank is the largest bank in India, considering the capitalization factor.
  • HDFC Bank Limited is located in Mumbai as its headquarters, it has 5,103 branches and13,160 ATMs across 2,727 cities in India.
  • This bank is additionally the most important personal sector loaner in India, in terms of assets.
  •  Asia money has named HDFC Bank the Best Digital Bank of India.
  • This banking and money services company has a permanent employee strength of 98,061. The gross NPA of HDFC is 1.36%.In 2022, its market capitalization is Rs.617,499 crores.
  • HDFC, the corporate has the third-largest capitalization on the Indian stock exchanges, with $112.76 billion. With nearly a hundred and twenty thousand workers, it's additionally the fifteenth largest leader in India. HDFC Bank has been one of India’s leading private banks for over twenty-five years. it was one of India’s 1st personal sector banks to receive RBI approval in 1994.

State Bank of India 

Bank Name State Bank of India
Chair Person Dinesh Kumar Khara
Head Quarters Mumbai
No.of Branches 22,010
No.of ATMs 58,415
Total Assets  51.78 lakh crores INR
  • State Bank of India(SBI) is the largest public sector bank in India. Its headquarters is in Mumbai and it had ranked 221st on the Fortune international 500 lists. Regarding market cap, SBI is the second-largest bank in India.
  • There are 22,010 branches and 58,415 ATMs across India. State bank of India incorporates a gross NPA of 7.53% and its market capitalization is Rs. 2,60,331 crores in 2022.
  • State Bank of India (SBI) could be a multinational public sector bank and statutory body in India that has financial services.
  • The state bank of India got ranks forty-third globally and is graded 221st within the list of the world’s largest companies of 2020.
  • Being the sole Indian bank on the list. With the twenty-third share of assets and twenty-fifth of loans and deposits, India’s largest public sector bank. With nearly 250,000 workers, the bank is additionally India’s fifth-largest leader.

ICICI Bank Ltd 

Bank Name ICiCI Bank LTD
Chairperson Girish Chandra Chaturvedi
Head Quarters Mumbai
N0.of Branches 4847
No.of ATMs 15,590
Total Assets 17.53 lakh crores INR

ICICI Bank Ltd

  • ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian MNC banking entity that incorporates a capitalization of Rs. 2,66,974 crore. Its registered office is in Vadodara (Gujarat) and its headquarters is in Mumbai (Maharashtra).
  • ICICI Bank has 4847 branches and 15,590 ATMs across India. it operates in sixteen countries outside India and its offshore offices are in the USA, China, Dubai International Finance Center, Singapore, Bahrain, South Africa, and lots of additional. The gross NPA of ICICI bank is 6.7% and its market capitalization is Rs. 2,60,331 crores.
  • ICICI Bank is deeply concerned with national economic and human development, and ICICI Foundation works closely with the bank across numerous sectors.

Axis Bank

Bank Name Axis Bank
Chair Person Amitabh Chaudhry
Head Quarters Mumbai
No. of Branches  4,100
No. of ATMs 13000
Total Assets  11.96 lakh crores INR

Axis Bank Ltd.

  • Its headquarters is in Bombay and has 4100 branches, and 13000 ATMs, across India. Axis Bank limited includes revenue of 56,044 crores and an employee strength of over 78,000.
  • The gross NPA of Axis bank is 5.25%, and its market capitalization of Rs. 1,76,669 crores .it makes Axis bank is the fifth-largest bank and fourth-largest non-public bank in India in 2022.
  • Axis Bank, Formerly called UTI Bank, the corporate operated from 1993 to 2007, and it was headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. small and medium-sized firms, retailers, and huge firms are among its customers.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Bank Name Kotak Mahindra Bank
Chair Person Uday Kotak
Head Quarters Mumbai
No. of Branches  1700
No. of ATMs 2,705
Total Assets   4.79 lakh crores INR

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank has a total of 1,700 branches and 2,705 ATMs across India. Kotak Mahindra Bank was established in Feb’2003 and by Feb’2014 it achieved 245th rank in brand Finance Banking 500. it's revenue of Rs. 31,346 crores and has over 50,000 employees across India. The Gross Non Performing assets of Kotak Mahindra Bank is 1.9% and its market capitalization. Is Rs. 2,83,464 crore in 2022

Indusind Bank

Bank Name IndusInd Bank
Chair Person Arun Tiwari
Head Quarters Mumbai
No. of Branches  2000 approximately
No. of ATMs 2890
Total Assets  3.07 lakh crores INR

IndusInd Bank Ltd.

  • IndusInd Bank is the first-ever new-generation private bank in India. it was established in 1994 and began its operations with a capital of Rs 1 billion. Indus Ind Bank limited has 2000 approximately branches and 2,890 ATMs across our country.

  • Most of its branches are in Bombay (headquarter), New Delhi, and Chennai (Tamil Nadu). Its representative branches abroad are set in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and London. This private bank includes a market capitalization of Rs. 96,912 crores.

  • Indus Ind Bank limited offers transactions, corporate, and electronic banking among its product. Manmohan Singh, then Union finance minister, inaugurated India’s 1st bank in April 1994. the prime personal bank of India’s new generation is India’s IndusInd Bank. Indus Ind Bank's technology platform helps the multi-channel delivery of services.

Yes Bank

Bank Name Yes Bank
Chair Person Sunil Mehta
Head Quarters Mumbai
No. of Branches  3419
No. of ATMs 1800
Total Assets 2.74 lakh crores INR

Yes Bank Ltd.

  • Yes Bank is the quickest flourished private bank in our country. it was established in 2004 by Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur. This company entity has retail banking and management subsidiary functions. Its revenue of Rs. 20,039 crores with employee strength of over 23,800. In India, yes Bank limited has over 3,419 branches and over 1800 ATMs and its market capitalization is Rs. 34,575 crores.

  • Yes bank, is a retail banking and quality management services are offered to the company and retail customers. The Federal Reserve Bank of India (RBI) took management over the bank on five March 2020 to forestall it from collapsing thanks to excessive unhealthy loans. additionally, to Kumar, the rbi antecedently appointed Sunil Mehta, a former member of Punjab national bank, as a member of yes Bank.

Punjab National Bank

Bank Name Punjab National Bank
Chair Person Atul Kumar Goel
Head Quarters New Delhi
No. of Branches  12,248
No. of ATMs 13,506
Total Assets  12.8 lakh crores INR

Punjab National Bank 

Punjab national bank (PNB) has more than 180 million clients, it has 12,248 branches, and 13,000 ATMs across India. PNB has a headcount of over 103,000. it's a nationalized bank that includes a market capitalization of Rs.504 crores which makes it one of the leading banks in our country.

PNB is a nationalized Indian bank, a section of the Ministry of Finance, it's in hand by the govt of India and headquartered in New Delhi, India. PNB's business volumes and networks exceed one billion dollars, 

Bank of Baroda

Bank Name Bank of  Baroda
Chair Person Hasmukh Adhia
Head Quarters Vadodara
No. of Branches  8246
No. of ATMs 11553
Total Assets  11.55 lakh crore INR

Bank Of Baroda

Bank of Baroda (BoB) is a public sector MNC bank that's headquartered in Vadodara (Gujarat). In India, BoB is the 1st bank to witness a 3-way merger. With Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank on Apr first, 2019. Bank of Baroda is one of the leading banks having the least non-performing assets at 666 billion rupees. This consolidated bank currently has thirteen crores customers, 8,248 branches, 11,553 ATMs, and it has a manpower of 87,000 in our country, it's a market capitalization of Rs. 58,384 crores in 2022

Bank of India

Bank Name Bank Of  India
Chair Person Atanu Kumar Das
Head Quarters Mumbai
No. of Branches  5,430
No. of ATMs 5,550
Total Assets  7.26 lakh crores INR

Bank Of India

  • Bank Of India (BoI) is yet one more public sector bank that has patterned within the top ten banks in terms of market capitalization. Its market cap is Rs. 19,574,06 crores. Bank of India may be an installation member of SWIFT. The Mumbai-headquartered bank has a total employee strength of over 51,459 and revenue of 48,040.47 crores. Whereas BoI has over 5,430branches across India, forty-five offices are set abroad.

IDFC First Bank

Bank Name IDFC First Bank
Chair Person Mr V. Vaidyanathan
Head Quarters Mumbai
No. of Branches 580
No. of ATMs 723
Total Assets 1.6 lakh crores INR

IDFC First Bank

  • IDFC First Bank (earlier IDFC Bank]  is a private Bank that builds a part of IDFC, an integrated infrastructure nondepository financial institution. The bank started operations on October 1st, 2015, the reserve bank of India (RBI) has given a universal banking license in July 2015. it's listed on BSE and NSE. The RBI approved IDFC Ltd to become a private sector bank as IDFC First in 2014. IDFC Limited shed its infrastructure finance assets and liabilities to a new entity as IDFC Bank. The bank was launched through this demerger from IDFC limited in November 2015
  • The bank conjointly aims to produce services for individuals in rural areas and the self-employed.
  • The bank IDFC Bank is the first in India to launch Aadhaar-linked cashless trader solutions, it gained 4.48% to Rs 33.80 when the total client deposits rose 20.6% to Rs 1,02,363 crore as of thirty June 2022 against Rs 84,893 crore on 30th June 2021


  • Our Unodigitech Financial Service hopes that this article provides you with brief information about the list of top banks in India. The market capitalization of our country has undergone heaps of changes once the challenges and therefore the irremediable loss moon-faced over the past 2 years because of the pandemic. There have conjointly been some vast revolutionary and important changes.


Is HDFC safe for a savings account?

In HDFC bank every transaction is safe and secure. Therefore it got the first rank in the list of top ten banks. In HDFC Bank, savings accounts, and salary accounts ought to maintain a minimum balance. This bank features a smart app and it's fine to use.

Is SBI larger than HDFC?

HDFC Bank is the largest bank in India. because of its market capitalization.