Ksfe Chitty the ultimate savings method in India

KSFE Chitty is an online investment platform that allows users to invest in different chitty products. It offers a wide range of investment opportunities for investors ranging from small amounts to large sums. In India, there are several chit fund companies, Among them, KSFE Chitty does the most successful and booming company. The origin of the chit fund concept is from Kerala. In this blog we are going to know about Ksfe chitty, before that, we need to be aware of some terms like Chitty, Foreman, and chit funds.  

What is Chitty?

Chitty means a written note on a piece of paper, it is the term suggested origin of chit funds. Chitty is also called Kuri in Malayalam.  

Chit Meaning

Chit means the transaction in which someone agrees with a group of persons. In the group, each one of the persons will subscribe an exact amount of cash every month. The subscriber will get the total money at the actual auction.

Chitty Definition  

According to Chit Fund Act 1982, a Chitty is defined as an agreement between the two parties, they are Foreman and the Subscribers. According to an agreement, each subscriber or customer agrees to pay a fixed amount of money in a specific period.  


The “foreman” defines the one who is accountable for handling the chit fund process within the right flow.  Foreman handles the complete functions of a particular chit group under section 39. Foreman conducts the auction for a group in regular intervals of time. For this, the foreman gets a 5% commission of the bid amount as per the chit fund act 1982

Chit Fund  

A chit fund is a rotating saving scheme that has been a section of India’s economic system for over a century till now. Chit fund is a superb money instrument for each – saving and borrowing. As a savings instrument, it provides a decent return on investment.  

How to save money in chit fund 

We can save money in a chit fund like savings-cum-loan scheme within which a variety of contributors move to speculate a set each month. The money is collected from the chit group and is placed up for auction every month. The subscriber who bids the lowest amount for the entire money can win the lot. Than 5% of the Foreman Commission will be deducted. The excess is distributed to all remaining subscribers excluding the bid winner and foreman. The winner of the bid has no chance of participating in the auction in the following months of that particular group. during this case, the amount you win becomes a loan that you simply can repay through the rest of the tenure. We have saved money in India at the individual level, a key thought ought to be the believability and trustworthiness of the company and also the chit fund's promoters 

 Now let’s grab the best knowledge on KSFE chitty

KSFE Chitty  

KSFE stands for Kerala State Financial Enterprise limited and it was formed in the year 1969 on November 6th, Thrissur as its headquartered, they started with a capital of ₹2 Lakhs, 45 employees, and 10 branches.   

KSFE Chitty is an online investment platform that allows users to invest in different chitty products. It offers a wide range of investment opportunities for investors ranging from small amounts to large sums.

The Government of Kerala launched KSFE to supply an efficient option to the public from the private chit fund companies to bring in social control over the chit fund business, to protect the public from the hold of dishonest chit fund companies.  

KSFE Mission and Vision

KSFE's Mission and Vision to turn into an Outstanding Performer in the financial services sector are as follows  

To acquire advanced technology for improving their business activities. qua  

Supplying a complete variety of quality services and products.  

Adopting technology and benchmark standards in customer service and performance.  

They are rolling out their wings from Kerala to international.  

KSFE Chitty Schemes  

KSFE Chitty provides a variety of investment options for its customers. These include fixed deposit schemes, Chitty Security Deposit schemes, Short-term deposits, Sugama deposit schemes, etc. You can choose any one of these as per your needs and requirements.  

KSFE Fixed Deposits  

KSFE fixed deposits scheme has the same characteristics as Term Deposits in banks. In KSFE Fixed Deposit Scheme we can get Rs 10,000 above on our Fixed Deposits. The KSFE can catch the attention of subscribers by offering more interest rates on Fixed Deposits rates when compared to banks. Present Fixed Deposits Interest Rates (it may vary) of KSFE as follows.

General Public 5.75% per annum
Senior Citizen and for FD on Chitty Prize Money 6.25% per annum

KSFE chitty security deposit schemes 

KSFE chitty security deposit schemes are specially planned for the chitty prized subscribers and permit them to deposit their prize money in full/part resistant to future liability planned to withdraw the very on enhance with alternative security or repayable at the time of chitty termination. The time of chitty deposit is 30 days from the opening of chitty and maximum at the chitty termination chitty. The deposited amount should not exceed the future liability amount.  

KSFE Short Term Deposits  

KSFE short-term deposits offer individuals and institutions to deposit 5000 as a minimum account balance, it gives higher interest rates on different slabs when compared to Nationalized banks. Period Ranging from 30 days to 365 days.  

KSFE Short Term Deposits is treated as security provision to future liability in chitty and KSFE loan schemes.

Sugama deposit scheme  

KSFE Sugama Deposit scheme is the best saving scheme with better interest rates compared to other banks' savings deposits interest rates. It gives 5.5% per annum.  

KSFE loan Schemes  

KSFE subscribers who are not getting prizes for their chitties, if they need cash at that time, KSFE provides a loan scheme for their valuable Customers in their financial emergency. They provide Chitty Pass Book loan and Chitty loan under the chitty scheme. It gives loans like housing loans, personal loans, gold loans, Consumer loans, and Vehicle loans.  

Securities Acceptable  

KSFE various schemes provide financial assistance namely Chitties and loans can be benefited the customer against the security. KSFE security means land property, fixed deposit bills, gold ornaments, surety of employees, life cover policy, and bank guarantees are different types of securities approved by KSFE. 

Why Customers choose KSFE 

  • KSFE could be a different non-banking institution owned by the govt. of Kerala and plays a major role in its resource mobilization. 
  • KSFE has been registering glorious profit per annum since its beginning in 1969 with a turnover higher than 6000 Crores. 
  • 100% secured and loyal. 
  • Chitty is the main product of KSFE. It may be treated as a deposit and through its course will function as a loan. KSFE provides differing kinds of chitty patterns for all classes of individuals in society. The risk of loss in the chitty is extremely low compared to different open-end fund deposits. 
  • Sugama Saving Account assures a higher rate of interest than savings account of Banks
  • The interest rate of deposits is high and the rate on loans is medium. 
  • All monetary wants are provided underneath one roof. All sorts of loans are provided like home loans, Personal loans, Vehicle loans, gold loans, and Chitty loans. 

 KSFE online payments 

  • KSFE online payments towards user accounts are going to be mirrored in several Branch Accounts within twenty-four hours  
  • An SMS is going to be sent to the registered mobile of the client once the net payment gets accounted for at branch accounts. 
  • Remittances once 11 AM on auction day should be intimated to the branch to participate in the auction. 
  • Transactions won't be allowed from 11:50 PM to 12:10 AM IST thanks to regular activities 

 Choose the most effective scheme in KSFE with your needs and risk appetite. 

  •  KSFE Chitty offers different investment plans that supported your risk craving. If you're trying to find higher returns, then you must select the Fixed Deposit setup.
  • This setup permits you to lock up your cash with them for a nominal amount of your time. On the opposite hand, if you're trying to find lower risks, then you'll be able to choose the open-end fund theme. In this case, you may not get to pay any charges whereas finance is within the scheme 
  • KSFE Chitty is one of the simplest investment choices offered these days. You'll be able to simply invest in it through online banking or by visiting any branch of the bank. 
  • KSFE Chitty offers many investment plans for investors who would like to diversify their portfolios. These plans include fixed Deposit Schemes, Loan Schemes and Securities acceptable 


Start investing today in KSFE chitty

You can begin investing in chit funds by opening an account with KSFE Chitty. Once you open an account, you'll be able to deposit cash into the account and opt for one of all the offered investment plans.

Frequently Asked queries

What are the most attractions of enrolling in KSFE Chitties over getting into various savings instruments?

KSFE Chitty offers a particular scheme incorporating the aspects of a recurring deposit and an advance scheme. In KSFE chitty, the subscriber incorporates a likelihood to bid and avail of an advance that amounts to a particular proportion of the whole denomination of the chitty, whereas in recurring deposit the advance help alone on the paid amount. Simply in case, bidding is delayed due to the draw of plenty among the initial instalments, one can resort to availing of a chitty loan, which can be a loan that “bridges” the gap between the need of the subscriber for money and conjointly the delay among the chitty getting prized. For further information, you can also view 

Which companies are similar to ksfe chitty?

As like ksfe chitty few best chit fund companies in India are...  

Margadarsi chit fund since 1962, by Ramoji Rao.

Shriram chits since 1974, founded by  R. Thyagarajan.

Kapil chits since 1981, by Mr K. Vaman Rao.

Gokulam chits since 1968, by. A.M. Gopalan.

Balussery chits since 1947.

What are the main advantages of the KSFE chit loan scheme?

In the KSFE chitty loan scheme, people can avail the of advantages like advances being extended for any purpose. After remittance of 10% of the instalments, a subscriber will be eligible for an advance of up to 50% of the portion of the chitty, subject to certain conditions. All securities accepted for chitties are acceptable for a chitty loan also. The execution of the loan application is usually very fast.