Interest rates provided by IDFC first bank

IDFC First Bank is providing excellent interest rates on different accounts like Savings accounts, FD accounts, Recurring Deposit accounts, Personal loan Accounts, and Home loan accounts which are very beneficial to its customers. Lets us have look at it in this article.

What is IDFC Bank's full form?

  • The full form of IDFC Bank is the Infrastructure Development Finance company. IDFC is an Indian finance agency it offers money and information services for organizations in investment banking, infrastructure, and wealth management.
  • IDFC's first Bank is an Indian non-public Sector Bank that forms a part of IDFC, an integrated infrastructure finance company. The bank started operations on 1st October 2015, when receiving a universal banking license from the RBI of India in July 2015. it's listed on BSE and NSE.

Interest Rates Provided by IDFC First Bank on different Accounts:

In this article, we are about to get data on IDFC's first bank interest rates on completely different accounts.

What are the interest rates provided by IDFC First Bank on different Accounts?

  • Savings Bank Intrest rate
  • Fixed Deposit Intrest rate
  • Recurring Deposit Intrest rate
  • Personal Loan Intrest rate
  • Home Loan Intrest rate

IDFC Savings Bank Interest Rate

IDFC's first Bank interest rate charges per unit up to 6%. So, you'll save a lot, do more, and live life to the fullest.

All this is often simply moments away as a result you'll open a bank account online in minutes with superb advantages. a number of the numerous options and advantages include higher POS limits, free and unlimited ATM transactions, and alternative advantages. Open a bank account online with IDFC First Bank now and start earning a lot on your savings.

The interest you earn with IDFC first Bank – ₹1,33,635/-

The interest you earn along with your Bank – ₹75,000/-

Additional Interest you earn with IDFC – ₹58,635

IDFC FD interest rate

IDFC First Bank’s FD interest rate has several options and advantages to assist you to grow your earnings. Once you open an account with IDFC First Bank, you instantly gain access to advantages like high returns, up to a 6.50% rate of interest, and far a lot of.

Enjoy earning a lot on your finances with an IDFC first Bank fixed deposit account.

Senior Citizen Savings account Interest rate

Senior Citizen savings account IDFC first Bank senior citizen savings account. has an interest rate of 6% every year, besides several advantages,

IDFC senior citizen savings account provides you free doorstep banking, advantageous rates on FD, recurring deposits, and priority service at our branches.

IDFC First Bank Fixed Deposit interest rates are shown below

Tenure FD rates for Non-Seniors FD Rates for Senior Citizens
91-180 days  4.50%  5.00%
181 days - 1 year  5.75%    6.25%
1 year - 2 years 6.25%      6.75%
2 years - 3 years 6.25%  6.75

IDFC Recurring deposit account interest rate

The first step towards securing your future is setting aside finances to realize your goals. A recurring deposit is one of the numerous ways in which to earn your idle funds. IDFC offers multiple RD schemes. Opt for the one best suited to satisfy your desires and assist you to earn a lot for your future. Once you open your account with IDFC, you instantly gain access to our schemes and advantages like competitive interest rates, a minimum length of half a dozen months, and a minimum instalment amount of simply. The present IDFC Recurring deposit account interest rate is 6.5%.

So, begin earning a lot as you fancy the numerous advantages of an IDFC first Bank-relevant savings account.

Start saving at simply just per month Get 0.5% higher interest for Senior voters.

IDFC First Bank recurring Deposit has No penalty for missing instalments, a Competitive interest rate, and a Minimum length of half a dozen months.

IDFC Personal Loan Interest

The IDFC personal loan interest rates are enticing and among the foremost reasonable within the business. Personal loan interest rates are versatile moreover since they rely on numerous factors. With a robust profile, you'll get the most effective personal loan interest rates at IDFC First Bank

The personal loan interest rate is beginning 10.49%

Processing fees are up to 3.5% are going to be subtracted from the loan amount at the time of disbursal

Late payment fees are two percent of the unpaid EMI or Rs three hundred whichever is higher. The late payment fees may well be applicable from the date of default to the date of payment.

Stamping Charges are as per actual

IDFC Home Loan Interest rate

The low EMI option, marginal documentation, and fast process create the IDFC First Bank Home Loans simple and possible for any eligible person. You'll avail of the most loan quantity of Rs five crores at the simplest loan interest.

Salaried people IDFC home loan rates are 7.50% onwards and residential Loan Balance Transfer 7.50% onwards home loan top Up at same ROI

Self-Employed people IDFC  home loan rates are 7.75% onwards and residential Loan Balance Transfer 7.75% onwards loan top Up at same ROI.


1. Which bank is giving more interest rates giving?

IDFC Bank is giving more interest rates compared to other banks.

2. What is the full form of IDFC Bank and more?

For the full form and more about IDFC is Infrastructure Development Finance company