In what way gokulam chits discounts are high?

Sree Gokulam chit & Finance Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SGCF), the flagship company of the Gokulam group of companies is in its 5th decade of service to the country. The chit and Finance business started in a very modest approach at Mylapore, Chennai on 23rd July 1968, has matured in stature and size, through exertions, unselfish service, and prudent management practices. 


Chit suggests that a group action agrees with a specific range of persons everyone in every one of them shall subscribe a precise sum of cash by the approach of periodical installments over an exact period which each such subscriber shall, in his turn, as determined by lot or by auction laid out in the chit agreement, be entitled to the Prize Money”. 


A chit fund could be a style of rotating savings and credit association system practised in Bharat, tab fund schemes could also be organized by financial institutions, or informally among friends, relatives, or neighbours. 

The basic necessity of conducting a ‘Chitty’ could be a group of needy individuals referred to as subscribers. The foreman—the company or person conducting the chitty brings these individuals along and conducts the chitty. 

CHIT provides a decent source of finance for various styles of individuals viz., tiny investors, businessmen, small-scale industrialists, etc. a discount is solely a monetary Product that enables you to save lots of and Borrow.

What is a chit discount? 

The highest bidder or subscriber wins the 'pot' for that month. The bid amount is additionally referred to as the 'discount' and also the prized subscriber wins the sum of cash capable the chit price less the discount and also the fixed fee to the foreman 

In this article, we are progressing to understand one of the best chit fund corporations in SouthIndia none other than Sri Gokulam Chit Funds. it's fifty 3 years of experience in the chit fund business.

Gokulam Chits

Gokulam chit fund operates its business not only in Tamil Nadu but conjointly in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and New Delhi. it's 470 branches about everywhere in the country. Gokulam chit attracts over one crore, happy customers. over 6000 workers are in Gokulam Chits. The motto of Gokulam is  “Grow with Gokulam” which concernedly fulfils the requirements of customers then and there. They are moving successfully 53 years towards with turnover of over 500 crores as of March 31st, 2021 In what way Gokulam chits' discounts are high? 

 Sri. A.M. Gopalan, B.Sc. is the managing director. he's famed to everybody as “Gokulam Gopalan”. Born in 1944. He had graduated from Kerala University. 

For the convenience of the subscriber's assortment for the tab monthly subscription may be created at their door steps on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Gokulam chit  Values 

They usually pay cash to speak or advertise their services. they are not supplying or providing any Gifts to lure subscribers. 

In what way Gokulam chits discounts are high? 

  • A large range of chit subscribers of SGCF are Corporate/Business homes, Professionals, Retail Traders, Small Businessmen {and differents|et al.|et al} who don't have access to bank or other Institutional finance because of rigidities in margin necessities, security, surety, etc. it's gratifying that SREE GOKULAM might facilitate thousands of such enterprises grow into prosperity with timely “SUPPLY” of resources.” GROW WITH GOKULAM” is what our customers say and also the message we've for our new clients. 
  • Gokulam Chits is distinctive in carryout a leap of 25% on chit discount, even before the Chit Funds Act,1982 was acted out. However, the Act permits a reduction of up to 30% SREE GOKULAM still permits a discount of 25% on all chits to save lots of the interests of all subscribers normally 
  • BankFixed Deposits bills are being offered to the registrar as tab security in compliance with section twenty of the Chit Funds Act,1982.


Can one become a subscriber to a Balussery chit together with somebody within the FAMILY? 

 Yes, one will have a Balussery chit in joint name with any loved one or a friend. The prize in such case is given within the manner within the quantitative relation of subscription to the subscribers one by one or in anybody's name as could also be given in writing to the corporate. 

What are the benefits of the Consumer/Vehicle loan scheme(CVL )of KSFE Chitty? 

KSFE chitty scheme wherever interest rates are aggressive at 12% easy and security usual is straightforward as in different schemes. CVL scheme may be availed to accumulate consumer articles starting from TVs to four-wheelers. The compensation amount is five years. 

What are the income tax advantages of saving or borrowing in Margadarsi? 

The dividends attained in a very Margadarsi chit fund don't seem to be assessable. If you would like to assert the bid as a loss then these dividends have to be compelled to be shown as revenue income within the assessment. thus the complete dividend attained in a very tab isn't assessable if you do not claim the bid amount as a loss. 

What are the advantages of Shriram chits Subscribers? 

a) to save lots in tiny amounts to receive a payment throughout chit. 
b) To borrow the longer-term savings earlier. Some subscribers are part of chit funds to borrow and others to save lots of. 

How shortly will one get the  Kapil chit in the Auction? 

In  Kapil Chits Prize quantity is due the latest before the consequent auction date, provided some surety/security is given by the prize bidder for the correct compensation of the longer-term instalments. this can be within the interest of the system as a full.

Is gokulam chits work with MLM schemes?

No, gokulam chits works as like with normal chit fund companies. sreekarayil works with MLM schemes