How Shriram chits will help you in savings and earnings?

In India Shriram Chits is an enormous chit funds company and is an explorer in micro Finance like the trusty household Savings & Investments service supplier, The inevitable expansion entered by Shriram Chits in recent years does not solely show the practicality of this standard instrument, however, it's conjointly gaining the customers' trust in the Shriram group. The Annual Auction Turnover of Shriram firms is more or less Rs.3 thousand crores. 

R. Thyagarajan

AVS Raja

T. Jayaraman are the founder of the Shriram Group of Companies in 1974, with Chennai as its headquarters

  • The inexorable growth registered by Shriram Chits in recent years not solely indicates the utility of this ancient instrument, however, it's conjointly a reflection of the customers' trust within the Shriram group. Shriram boasts the simplest record for timely disbursement of funds among all Chit Funds and offers glorious client service for a community of 22,00,000 Subscribers.
  • Shriram Chits started operations in 1974 with one branch. Today, Shriramchit corporations operate in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharastra, Puducherry (Pondicherry), and Tamilnadu, through 465 Branch offices, using 6,000 folks and sixty-five thousand  Agents.
  • Using progressive technology and a clear method of accounting,
  • Shriram Chits has remodelled this 3,000-year recent instrument into a lovely, modern chit system for the banking industry.

Shriram Chit Financial Services and Schemes

  • Serve in increasing  Wealth. Empowering folks through prosperity. leading to inclusive growth.
  • The relentless pursuit of this mission has begun in 1974 and has given the name to Shriramgroup as a distinct identity.
  • The Group’s name for effectiveness, transparency, and integrity has helped it to become one of India’s largest Monetary  Services Networks.
  • Shriram Chit has 40,00,000 customers
  • Shriram has 80,000 agents
  • Shriram has 12,000 staff
  • Shriram hass 1,000 branches & Service centres
  • Rs.13,500 crores - assets under  management

Shriram chit funds Schemes Example 

Chit Amount Value     Monthly  Amount  Number of Months     Admission Fees
2,00,000   4000 50 500
2,00,000  5000 40 500
3,00,000  6000 50 600
3,00,000 10000   30 600
5,00,000  10000 50 1000
5,00,000   10000 25 1000
10,00,000 20000 50 1500
10,00,000 20000 40 1500
15,00,000  25000 50 2000
15,00,000  30000 30 2000
25,00,000   50000 50 3000
50,00,000 100000 50 5000

Shriram Chits 

Shriram Chits started its operations in the year 1974 with one branch and has in a very short span grownup into a trusty family name for creating Chits a viable variety of saving and borrowing to any or all sections of the society. Shriram currently holds a turnover of more than Rs. 2500 Crores, 465 Branches, and 5000 staff.


A chit is the only monetary product that enables you to save lots of and borrow. Be smart; avoid the pitfalls of borrowing at outrageous prices from cash lenders. Chits are a good suggestion for savings for any contingency requiring a substantial amount.

Chit Fund

A chit fund is a sort of rotating savings and credit association system practised in India, a chit fund may be a collective instrument tool where there are 2 participants, one is the organizer and therefore the alternative is the member. It serves all persons whether they want savings or borrowing to satisfy extraordinary expenses on special occasions like Marriages, Construction of homes, etc., This system is more practised in India with some best chit fund companies.

Shriram Chits

Shriram Chits provides a decent source of finance for various kinds of individuals viz., small investors, businessmen, small-scale industrialists, etc. Enough care is vital to deciding on an appropriate group. The choice of a selected group mostly depends on the subscriber's capability to produce surplus fund's month once a month from his traditional financial gain for this purpose.

Shriram chit group mentioned a nominal range of members agreeing to subscribe to a nominal quantity for a nominal amount. For instance, 40 members, 40 months, Rs.500/- a month. the number of members and months are to be the same.
Shriram chits possess the simplest record for timely disbursement of funds among all chit Funds and offer wonderful client service for a community of 22,00,000 Subscribers. It has to date disbursed over Rs. 8000 Crores money as prizemoney.

Shriram Chits operates in four States.

Tamil Nadu

Andhra Pradesh



where it's a name for timely disbursement of funds and incredible client service that differentiates it from alternative firms.

Using advanced pc Systems / Networks and a clear method of accounting, Shriram Chits has remodelled this modern methodology of Savings into a beautiful customized alternative to the banking industry.
Shiramchits has been designed to produce total client services online. you'll currently complete all the formalities of change of integrity and a discount theme within the luxury of your home. For Shriram chits plans

Shriram Chits Online Application Process

Online enrollment type for subscribers.

  • Enquiries

Subscribers will build any specific enquiry here.

  • Complaints / Suggestions

Subscribers will tell their specific requests to Shriram offices.

  • To avail following services to our subscribers through their login ID. For login ID and password contact any Shriram office.
  • Subscriber standing
  • Request for modification of Address
  • Subscribers will modification their address here
  • Dividend Enquiry
  • Subscribers will Enquire about Dividend details
  • Subscription Pickup
  • Subscribers will request for pickup of their subscription from home.
  • Mode of payments they accepts cash / Cheque / DD / PDC / ECS.

Shriram Group 

Shriram Union City Finance

Shriram Union City Finance is India's leading Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and was incorporated in 1986 and could be a part of the Shriram group. . Shriram city is providing specialized services in retail & Micro Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) lending.


Shriram city is India’s most trustworthy monetary Services brand, consistent with the brand Trust Report consecutively from 2016, this trust plus client centrical approach has driven them to be India’s ideal MSME and Two-Wheeler financier. Shriram city offers a broad basket of financial products, and jobs to each phase of Indian society. It includes vehicle loans (both new and pre-owned vehicles), Personal Loans, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Loans, Gold Loans, and investment choices like FixedDeposits.

Shriram Finance

Shriram Finance offers personal loans to salaried and freelance professionals residing in India at interest rates ranging from 11.49%

Shriram Transport

Shriram Transport finance company restricted (STFC), one of the biggest players in commercial vehicle finance in India, was established in the year 1979.


Our origin in 1974 has given the constant pursuit of Shriram group Mission is their basis and distinct identity. The Group’s name for effectiveness, transparency, and integrity has helped it to become one of India’s largest Financial Services networks. There are 40,00,000 customers,80,000 agents,12,000 staff,1,000 branches & service centers and finallyRs.13,500 crores - assets underneath management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy of Shriram Chits?

Shriram Chits are offering its pooled funds every month to its subscribers at monthly AUCTIONS and the subscriber who BIDS for the highest discount is declared the bid winner and given prize money.