How Margadarsi chit fund company became No1?

Over 50 years ago, Margadarsi Chit Fund be in view welfare of the people of Andhra Pradesh for a happier life.  

Sri Ramoji Rao is the founder of  Margadarsi and started in October 1962, in a small office with just two people working. He can be credited with atypical the concept of chit funds in the state as never done before. Now it has so many branches not only in Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, but also in Tamilnadu & Karnataka. 

Chit fund

A chit fund is a pooled financial tool where there are two participants, one is the organizer and the other is the member. Various members collectively agree to pool a specified sum of money every month for a fixed duration. 


A chit is any receipt, voucher, or similar document, especially of an informal nature.


In 1962, When Margadarshi started, the concept of chit funds was known to very few. Today, it is popular and people realized that chi funds are the ideal method to get better profits on their investments to meet their financial crisis. Many Chit fund companies sprung like mushrooms and followed Margadarshi's relentless values like honesty, consistent performance, integrity, high quality, and perfect financial discipline keeping Margadarshi as a leader in Top Chit fund companies in India

Margadarshi Growth 

Margadarsi be fond of exponential growth for over 50 years and today it has 4,300 employees and has 16,301 agents, 108 Branches, over 3,11,146 subscribers, and a turnover of over Rs.11,206 crores.  

Why People Choose Margadarsi

It strictly follows the chit fund act, of 1982. The smudge of Margadarsi’s victory is its scrupulous planning, linked with hard work and immerse commitment to serve its customers in the best possible manner. New schemes are launched from time to time to meet the financial needs of the customers and fulfil their goals. All the employees of Margadarshi do their work efficiently and prompt services are available to customers 24/7. 

How to Save Money?

  • Subscribers can save their money in Margadarsi and they are self-assured that the Margadarshi company will serve its customers with the same commitment from beginning to end throughout the termination of the chit.
  • Margadarshi maintains its trust by giving high-quality professional and personalized service and started the distinctive ‘72-hour response’ facility of quick disbursement of money which is subject to documentation and is unique to Margadarsi and now not being offered by any other chit fund company.  
  • Suppose for any reason, a subscriber fails to draw the prize amount before following the succeeding auction, the prize amount collectible is deposited in a separate bank account. This cash is earmarked for payment to the involved subscriber solely. Thus, Margadarsi ensures total security for subscribers’ cash. 
  • This is for Customers' understanding of the necessity and needs of subscribers that enabled the corporate to achieve out to numerous subscribers and continues to do, therefore.
  •  Margadarsi’s impeccable record and its strict skilled discipline have earned it tremendous sensible can and respect across the social chain: Professionals, industrialists, company executives, government staff, teachers, housewives, and more. all of them understand and have practiced the company’s commitment to offering the most effective and its ability to fulfill all types of would like. Besides, they're secure within the data that Margadarsi belongs to a stable money group that shares a superb relationship with all its customers.
  • This success hasn’t come back simple. Nor has it by any means been created the company takes it simple. it was the primary chit fund company of its kind and Margadarsi continues to stay the primary alternative for lakhs of individuals from various walks of life. 
  • Every individual is driven by hopes and aspirations, however, might lack the resources to create them come back true. Occasionally, there are crises, obligations, and unforeseen expenditures. of these situations need cash in payment. it's on occasions like these that one can communicate with Margadarsi to facilitate. Be it educating youngsters or playing their wedding, constructing a house or buying a flat, or financing in security for the long run.
  • Margadarsi has invariably been sort of a trusty friend. The corporate has been playing an important role in creating life easier for all those who’ve invested with their confidence and hopes in it. This explains why the corporate has become substitutable with trust and responsibility. 

How Margadarsi works 

With its immense experience in the field, Margadarsi has created systems and procedures easy, systematic, and full-proof. Subscribers will select from a large variety of chits from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,00,000 designed to suit a variety of needs.

To become a subscriber, individuals got to fill out an enrollment form, and choose any of the chit schemes offered with monthly instalments starting from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1.00,000. relying upon the necessity, one might opt for long-run Chits (50 months duration) for saving purposes and Short-Term Chits (25 months duration) for emergencies coming up with.

Subscribers are entitled to bid at the auction though only 1 instalment has been paid i.e., the first instalment. However, relying upon necessity and competition,

One will get the bid in any of the instalments. once declared as the successful bidder in the auction, the triple-crown bidder needs to submit sureties relying upon future liability either from salaried staff with needed basic remuneration or business individuals having taxable income or perhaps property mortgage.

Thereafter, the prize money is free once finishing many formalities. The chit cash should be paid back in the remaining simple instalments. The prosperous bidder earns his or her profit by repaying the monthly instalments excluding the dividends. 

How to become a new member of the Margadarsi?

  • To become a new member of the Margadarsi chit fund visit, here we are giving simple steps to register.

 New Member Registration:

  • Enter all your details in the form and click on submit button.
  • You get an invitation number to your mobile/E-mail for future correspondence.
  • Enter your Login Id and password received by you through the E-Mail /mobile given by you to enter the website.
  • You can change your password according to your choice, it should be four characters minimum and a maximum of 12 characters.
  • For every three months, the user can change the password. If you have any problem with your login id and password, you can get assistance from Margadarshi admin people through the mail.
  • Margadarshi gives extraordinary facilities to change e-mail passwords, residence addresses, and also office addresses.

New Chit Enrollment

  • You can be a part of any new chit by choosing this feature, which can offer you an enrollment application to be filled out and submitted.
  • Your feedback data for the services given and your suggestions to strengthen the services to serve you far better within the future together with your support.
  • You can have online facilitated through this selection which can be attended to you resolve your issues if any instantly.

Here we can see an example of the Margadarshi Scheme Details in Tabular form
Scheme Details

S.No. Monthly subscription amount Number of months  Chit amount Value   Total number of  Members
1 200 25 5000 25
2 400 25 10000 25
3 600 25 15000 25
4 800 25 20000 25
5 1000 25 25000 25
6 2000 25 50000 25
7 3000 25 75000 25
8 4000 25 1,00,000 25
9 6000 25 1,50,000 25
10 8000 25 2,00,000 25


  • Lured by the target of constructing quick profits, persons with inadequate means begin bill funds by furnishing the specified security and fulfilling alternative prescribed formalities within the Act. Since their objectives are neither honest nor legal, such firms descend their shutters presently, so cheating several gullible investors. In this situation, Margadarsi becomes the leader in Chit fund Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best chit fund company?

Many Chit fund companies are giving good yields for their customers, some important and famous chit-fund companies are Shriram Chitfund Company, and Balussery Chit fund Company.

Shriram Chit funds are the largest chit fund company in India. It has the best record for timely disbursement of funds among all Chit Funds and offers Online options for its customers.

Through  Shriram online Payment Customers can pay their chit amount either with a credit card or debit card at their convenience.

What are the chit-fund companies accepting online payments?

A. Below are the chit fund companies that are giving online acceptance in India

1. Shriram chits online payments

2. Kfse Online Payements

3. T-Chits

4. Money Clubber

Which is the parent business of Shriram Finance?

Shriram Capital is the prime company for the financial services and insurance entities of the Shriram Group. It includes Shriram Union City Finance, Shri Finance, two insurance companies-Shriram Life, and Shriram General — a retail broking and financial distribution business. Shriram chits play a vital role in this group to withhold his assets as a brand value.

How to pay KSFE chitty online? 

KSFE chitty customers can pay their chit instalments online at

How can customers check KSFE online chitty details?

The customer should enter the Unique ID (CTB ID) as given from KSFE online and click on Get Details. Subscriber Name, Chitty Details, Due Details, Amount Due, and Payment Amount will be displayed on the screen. Enter Your Name, Date of Birth & Mobile Number. (This is required to reprint all your e- receipts if the need arises). 

which company is the best competition for the Margadarsi chit fund?

Shriram chit funds, Kapil chits, Gokulam chits, T chits, etc,...