How folks are attracted to Balussery chits corporate plans?

Balussery Chit Funds

Balussery Chit Fund is a leading chit Fund Company operating since 1947. it is registered under the Chit Fund Act, of 1982 and has successfully served over three million subscribers over the years. It's the only chit Fund to be rated positively by M-CRIL (MICRORATE, Washington).
A pioneer in Chit Funds is Balussery Chit Fund, managed by a Board of directors, and has contributed in no small measure to the expansion of the trade. That’s BALUSSERY Stable and Prudent.

Chit Fund Concept

The concept of the Chit Fund is a new idea in India, But the system has currently won universal acclaim. It's a fraternity fund that may be a 2 in1 savings cum lending instrument.

History of Chits:

In the villages of Kerala, several centuries ago, a small cluster of farmers operated a unique scheme. Every farmer gave a set amount of grains periodically to a specific TRUSTEE. The Trustee, once keeping aside some for himself, gave the remainder to a member of the group to assist him to fulfill his social commitments and alternative desires.
The farmer who received the lot continued to offer the fixed amount until each member of the group received his lot.
The advantages once receiving the lot earlier led to competition. Some members were even willing to forgo a precise portion (like a discount) of the lot, to induce associate earlier likelihood. So, an auction was controlled and therefore the highest bidder got the heap. This was the idea of what we all know nowadays because of the Chit Fund Scheme.

Balussery chit Fund Values

Balussery chit fund values facilitate to create of a culture of fairness altogether our dealings with customers and therefore the wider community. Aim to measure these values in everything and guarantee that they furnish the simplest experience probably can. They believe the key construct is “We grow as a result of you grow”. The Balussery values

  • Are keen on success
  • Act with integrity and respect
  • try to deliver quality and excellence
  • value folks as individuals

Feauters of Balussery Chits

Personalized Service

Personalized service and steering to subscribers for designing their money necessities.

Prompt Disbursement

Standardization of documents for the disbursement of the prize amount. IT team for quicker and more effective services

Total Transparency

Meticulous screening of applications to keep up the standard Total transparency in auction proceedings

Safe Investment

Total management to investor Protection, this trust has matured and strengthened over the years

Balussery clients

The clients of Balussery come back from all walks of life. They're from business as well as government employees who wish to join along saving & cash lending along require cash to meet their desires.

Most clients are interested in mobilizing resources to develop their enterprises and their dwellings slowly over time. Money services might change these teams to leverage their initiative, accelerating the process of building incomes, assets, and economic security.
However, typical finance institutions rarely lend down-market to serve the wants of low/middle-income families. They're fairly often denied access to credit for any purpose, creating the discussion of the amount of rate of interest and alternative terms of finance irrelevant. Therefore, the basic drawback isn't so much unaffordable terms of loan because of the lack of access to credit itself.

Why do folks choose Balussery? 

Chit funds are taking part in a stellar role even before the arrival of the recent banking era, in coming back to the rescue of the indigent at reasonable terms.
This system has various inbuilt benefits because of which individuals like this selection over alternative formal establishments. These are:

  • Tax-Free Dividend
  • Easy Accessibility
  • User-friendly service
  • Absence of latent price
  • No Periodic interest hikes
  • Exit choices with nominal charges

How folks are attracted to Balussery chit's corporate plans?

Most of the folks are attracted to Balussery chits' corporate plans to mobilize resources to develop their enterprises. Balussery corporate chit plans may encourage the subscribers to leverage their initiative, accelerating the process of building incomes, assets, and economic security.
A certain group of people work for love; others work for private achievement. Thus far others wish to fulfil their goals if they offer one thing larger than themselves. No matter their motive towards work, the bottom line, however, is money security!
Balussery chit corporate advantages Plans attract the folks as

  • Attracting and retentive high-quality individuals is the key to success, that isn't potential within the absence of an attractive and well-thought-out Balussery chit corporate plan.
  • Folks financial predicament
  • There should be many other instances once trustworthy customers of Balussery approach for monitory help, Whether medical, college admission or housing. A permanent resolution for this Is, that Balussery makes their customers members in their chit plan and takes the customer's fear to them. They offer company acceptable chit plans. People can have a lot of choices and sensible quality choices. They will choose from the varied models that suit them best. Balussery check plans to come back in all shapes and sizes. Not only individuals are getting benefits from Balussery but also corporate companies.

Organization benefits from Balussery chit funds.

Any organization or company that invest in his or her worker welfare will avail following advantages from Balussery company Chit Fund Plans

  • Business organizations whose workers are happy, a lot of productive, have better morale and have a lower attrition rate.
  • More highly engaged employees
  • Employees are willing to travel on top of and on the far side to fulfil structure targets.
  • Boost cooperation
  • Employees are dubious to be kept off by competitors
  • No botheration of workers' advances/loans
  • Incentives/Revenue sharing

Balussery chit plans mould Folks' finances

People need to progress. Businesses should give a growth path, that becomes more and more difficult during a shrinking economy. It's here we tend to step into Folks' advantages

  • Inculcates Savings Habit
  • Debt-free life
  • Save & Borrow at an equivalent time
  • Better Rate of Interest on loans
  • Higher returns on investments
  • Hassle-free accessibility of funds
  • No payment worries
  • Option of straight Deduction from earnings

Frequently Asked Questions

what are the best chit fund companies in India?

Shriram Chits - Famous in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states.

Margadarsi chit fund - Famous in Telugu states and is the only top chit fund company in India.

kapil chits - Its an best competetive to shriram chits.

ksfe chitty - Famous in Kerala and run by the Kerala government.

How best is Shriram Union City Finance Fixed Deposit?

Shriram City Fixed Deposit has the best credit rating, which resonates with the brand name of Shriram Union City Finance. 

Is Shriram an NBFC?

Shriram was incorporated in the year 1979 and is registered as a Deposit-taking NBFC with the Reserve Bank of India under section 45IA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

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A: Yes, one can have a chit in joint name with any family member or a friend. The prize amount in such case is given in the manner in the ratio of subscription to the subscribers individually or any one name as may be given in writing to the Company.


A: Service is more personalized, and formalities are simpler when compared to Banks and other Institutions. Evaluation is intrinsic when compared to the elaborate paperwork, as practised in the formal sector. Last and not least, the saving rate is higher and the borrowing cost, much lower.


A: You may look for the credentials of the company with the office of the Registrar in the State. Registered chit companies with long-standing records, that too with ratings, like Balussery, are absolutely safe.