Benefits and Downsides of Living in Highrise!

Introduction of Living in HighRise!

  • Living in a high-rise apartment could be a different experience. Once most folks imagine ‘home’, we think of a single-family house with a yard, a road, and neighbors close. Houses are either one stored or two stored building structures in most cases, with the occasional attic or basement mixed in. The vehicles are parked right outside, simply accessible. We’re continuously some steps off from the yard, the street, and our neighborhood. 
  • The growing population and engorged city areas created the demand for high-rise apartments. They're nice to live in and offer all the support right from swimming pools, clubhouses, to games court.
  • Moreover, flats in skyrocketing buildings are thought of as a lot of peaceful and safe sanctuary that's free from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Now, the selection of a flat may be a purpose of concern for several trying to live in an apartment. Whereas traditional of us still feel an affinity to living close to the bottom and therefore, opt for a low-floor flat, millennials like to explore the city sky, and therefore the pleasant view and like the calm atmosphere of a high-rise apartment.
  • Well, there are numerous blessings and downsides to living in a multi-story building. Scan more to understand more concerning them:
  • Those people living in single-family homes, or perhaps little lodging buildings and condos, don’t offer a lot of thought to their everyday experience reception. Why would we? We’re simply living. Well, living in a very high rise is ‘just living’ too, however, there are variations in comparison to the single-family home life. in this blog,

What is the thought about A High Rise? 

  • This usually depends on wherever the building is. for example, a 12-story dwelling is taken into account quite tall in several parts of the globe, significantly outside major cities. In terms of the latest New jersey town standards, as an example, a 10-store building isn't solely extraordinarily common, however, is completely dwarfed as compared to several residential high rises. 
  • Now that we’ve got that out of the approach, let’s refer to some benefits and downsides to living in a tall building. Who wouldn’t love fresh air and ample natural light in their home? And what if you get some beautiful close views as a new advantage? Well, living in homes in high-rise towers is nothing in need of a wizard.

Benefits or Advantages /Benefits of Living in a High-rise apartment

Benefits and downsides of living on a high rise! 

Living in very high-rise housing provides an ideal combination of social also as non-public life. With numerous families living in the same building, it feels pleasant to share a diverse neighborhood. alongside this, there are several benefits to living there:

  •  The superb and Beautiful View

In huge cities, wherever people starve for a full view of the sky, living on one of the highest floors of a building provides the advantage of feeling near to a picturesque landscape all around. Home coming up with experts say that the upper residences, a lot of ventilation, and the first advantage of living in a high-rise tower is that it offers you open beautiful scenic views. whether it’s the seventh floor or the seventeenth, there’s perpetually something wonderful regarding having the ability to get out on your balcony at any time and soak in the beautiful views around. 

  •  Peace

Living in high-rise apartments provides the advantage of living a lot of peaceful life. Regardless of how crowded and noisy the city is, a raised apartment floor filters all styles of hustle and bustle, Making a peaceful atmosphere that the homeowner can forever treasure.

  • Luxury

Raised residences are typically related to luxury. This can be why, in huge cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Jaipur, the flats located in higher places in the building are regenerated into penthouses to satisfy the requirements of luxury seekers.

  • Safety and Privacy 

High-rise towers are sometimes in gated communities and offered trendy safety features. 

Additionally, individuals staying on the highest floors would get a lot of safety & privacy than those residing on the ground since there are possibilities of a lot of sneak-peaks and eavesdrops on the lower floors in comparison to the highest ones. 

Natural light, ventilation, and fresh air 

  • The pure blissfulness of awakening to the rising sun or gazing up to the starry sky in the evenings is simply impossible. The fine balance of fresh air and natural daylight with no obstruction is often a useful advantage in these high-rise towers. 

Rooftop Amenities 

  • From gorgeous terrace pools and physical exercise facilities (open gyms) to party areas, most of the high-rise lodging buildings supply astounding upside amenities. 

Less pollution 

  • Due to their advantage of height, these flats have very little or no pollution since it’s not in shut proximity to the common commotion within the streets.



While living in highrise apartments seems to be very engaging for many folks, some disadvantages to living in it are mentioned below:

  •  The problem in managing some medical issues

If one or additional of our family members suffer from some serious medical conditions like high BP, acrophobia, arthritis, etc., then living on the higher floors is quite difficult. Particularly just in case of a fireplace drill, once the lifts are prohibited to be used, it's tough for them to run downstairs instantly.

  • Inconvenience in shifting

While it’s smart to search out permanent accommodation in a high-rise apartment if you're trying to rent a semi-furnished unit, then acquiring and out is an enormous mess. It’s ne'er straightforward to urge all of your piece of furniture raised to the twentieth floor. Also, if you're reconsidering dynamic the inside layout, then it is tough to urge everything modified.

  •  Pet problems

No matter how friendly policies the building has adopted relating to pets, you'll counter several alternative problems once it involves living on the highest floor at the side of your four-legged friends. Your neighbors would possibly dread sharing the elevator with them. And thus, you may be needed to use the steps on every occasion you're taking your dog for a walk.

  • The issue of repairs and maintenance

Painting the outside walls, putting in air conditioners, repairing the unseaworthy pipeline and every other style of such regular home maintenance and up-gradation works is tough during a tall building and encompasses some safety issues.

  • Going to & From Home Takes longer 

One of the simplest elements of living in a single-family house is having the ability to run out the exterior door and jump within the car, get pleasure from the yard or take a walk. 

That’s not precisely presumably during a tall building! Living in a high rise involves accounting for logistics in everything you are doing. 

 For instance, my building has many elevators and over four hundred flats. For an amount of your time, we’ve had a few elevators out of service. In turn, it will take as long as ten minutes simply to induce an elevator right down to the most floor. A similar issue happens once returning home. 

  • Resources are Shared 

 As we mentioned, living in a high-rise building is admittedly like living in a very high-rise community. In the suburbs, we tend to share roads and sidewalks with our neighbors, however, live separate lives for the foremost half. We tend to act with our neighbors once we wish to. In a high rise, it’s a small amount different. The hallways, staircases, elevators, lobby, parking garage, mailboxes, and amenities are all shared. Even the trash and exercise areas are shared. 

  •  Little Physical Separation from Neighbors 

 Everything in life has its benefits and downsides. Living within the mountains suggests not living close to the beach (mostly). Having a sports car proposes not having the power to drive cross-country. There are tradeoffs in everything. 

While living in a high rise offers separation from the remainder of the planet, it conjointly includes living in very proximity to your neighbors.

 My next-door neighbor’s entry is virtually right next to mine. Whereas we tend to solely see them sometimes, we can hear them returning and going all the time. 

If someone’s creating noise within the hall, we hear it. Once taking the elevator, it usually suggests sharing it with one or a lot of individuals. It’s laborious to travel anyplace within the building while not crossing ways with somebody. 

But what concerning safety?

  • As skyscrapers take svelte new shapes, the security side is the utmost concern for buyers. Is there extremely a concern about slippy beneath the shadow of those tall structures? Really no! 

  • Most tall buildings can stand up to earthquakes of up to five on the Richter scale. Therefore there's nothing to stress concerning. Seek advice from your developer to check what different measures are enforced within the project. 
  • Similarly, there are provisions to handle mass evacuations just in case of fireplace emergencies. The design arrangement wouldn’t be able to see the sunshine of existence if it doesn’t follow safety rules and excludes evacuation plans. 
  • Moreover, When one opts for the upper floor than the lower floor in a High-rise building, costs and advantageous location charges tend to decrease, impacting the price of the flat. So, if you're trying to find a replacement home, don’t debate a High-rise Tower


As most cities in India are growing vertically, whether to decide on high-raised apartments or one nearer to the bottom floor becomes a primary concern. Whereas luxury, peace, and superb views are a number of the advantages of living on a raised floor, there are some disadvantages to that additionally, like pet problems, the issue of repairs and maintenance, and inconvenience in shifting.

Again, these items don't seem to be inherently sensible or unhealthy – it extremely comes all the way down to your individual preference. 

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Is living in a high rise healthy?

Across these totally different classes, an oversized range of studies found that individuals living in high rises suffer from bigger psychological state issues, a higher concern of crime, fewer positive social interactions, and additional issue with raising their kids.

What is it prefer to live in a high-rise?

Living in high-rise apartments will assist you to secure one in all the simplest places to live. High-rises cut back your commute and create obtaining a home straightforward. If you secure housing on the higher floor, you may relish less traffic noise and a few of the simplest views in a town. Living up high conjointly provides you with additional privacy and natural light.