All you need to know about Debit cards

What is a Debit Card? 

Any financial institutions or banks issue a debit card to an individual, a card is directly linked to one’s account. Debit cards can use in ATMs to draw cash. Debit cards act as a combination of ATM cards and credit cards.

Debit Card Meaning

A debit card means a payment card, which a customer can debit his money from his bank account either current or savings account, also knowns as "check cards" or "bank cards".

We can use debit cards digitally such as shopping and purchasing based on the money in our account. 

A bank or any other financial institution issues a debit card not only to individuals who are having saving accounts in their firms but also to corporate entities whose cards are linked to the current account.

How Debit Card Works? 

  •  Debit cards can be used by an individual for purchase, in many ways like swiping the card, inserting the card, or can use it as contactless pay at the card terminal. Debit cards can be used just like credit cards. 
  •  Every individual who is using debit cards has a unique PIN PIN (personal identification number) that should be entered into the machine. In some purchases we use our debit card without a PIN, it is contactless. 
  • Debit cards have partnerships with some major credit card companies with brand names like Mastercard, VISA, etc. 
  • We can use those cards anywhere they are accepted with brand names. 
  • Our debit card transaction will be completed only if the funds are debited from our account to our respective purchases. It means the bank can send money to the merchant only if we have funds in our account, even though it shows debited at the time of purchase, it shows pending in the bank statement. 
  • Bank verification is a must and should be for every transaction. 
  • Some banks allow us to use Overdraft our account by a certain number of dollars in linking with our savings account which has available funds. It varies from bank to bank. 
  • We can use debit cards only if we have funds in our account. 
  • Based on transactions we have done the debit cards have been changed.

Types of Debit Cards: 

    There are various types of debit cards each one having different features. This will help us to use optimal utilization.  In India mainly we are using six debit cards, they are: 

  1. Visa ATM Debit Cards: These cards are used throughout India and abroad. Banks issue Visa cards in different names like Visa Classic Debit Card, Visa Platinum Debit Card, Visa Gold Debit Card, Visa Infinite Debit Cards, and Visa Signature Debit Card with their unique features, 
  2. Master Debit cards: It is a standard and worldwide used card, it allows us to pay electronic payments. It offers more rewards to the customers on these cards. Some of the Master debit cards are Standard Debit Card, Enhanced Debit Card, and World Debit Card. 
  3. Rupay Debit Cards: Rupay  Debit is a domestic debit card introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India. It is used to pay bills and other transactions locally. It is used as an alternative to Master Cards and Visa Cards. All private and public sector banks are issuing Rupay cards, especially to villagers for their easy transactions. 
  4. Contactless Debit Cards: The name it’s self-shows us we can use the cards without using a PIN or no swiping. We use it simply to wave the card on the machine. It works on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)Principle. Electronic payments can be done very safely and easier. 
  5. Visa Electron Debit Cards: It is used for both domestic and international payments. It is very similar to Visa Debit Cards. No interest charges are levied on this card for cash withdraws. 
  6. Maestro Debit Cards: Globally accepted debit cards that can use internationally and nationally. We can withdraw cash from any ATM in the world. Similar to Master Debit Cards.


  All Debit cards have different features, we should be aware of their usage before availing them from banks. It is very easy for transactions.