All we need to know about block chain

Nowadays, we frequently hear about the term “Blockchain "which relates to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Certainly, we have questions on blockchain like what is blockchain, why is blockchain popular, how blockchain works, and its advantages and disadvantages in the digital currency world. Blockchain acts like a platitude for all cryptocurrencies.

What is blockchain? 

In Digital technology, Blockchain is defined as a decentralized, distributed public ledger system that contains all the records and transactions of blockchain users. It is growing very vastly and become user-friendly.

Why is Blockchain Popular? 

  • Blockchain technology a digital ledger becomes popular because it facilitates the transaction movement very fast, it saves both time and money. Why blockchain was created and popular? Let us dig into the concept of blockchain. 
  • In bank transactions, when we transfer money to our family or anyone, we should log in to our online banking account and transfer money to them using their account number. 
  • When the transaction was completed, the bank updates us about that transaction record. It looks simple and easy, but it involves a latent issue that we neglect. While using this type of transaction, people should be very careful because these transactions have been tampered with easily. But this vulnerability in essence why blockchain was generated.
  • In any business maintaining data records and transactions play a key role, frequently, this information is grappled through a third party like bankers, advocates, or brokers increasing cost, time, or both. Providentially, blockchains steer clear of this long process and make smooth transactions. In this way, blockchain technology saves time and money. 
  • The information collected by a blockchain in groups is called blocks, which contain a set of information. The storage capacities of blocks are linked together and form a chain of data called the blockchain. 
  • Blockchain technology supports several requisitions related to different industries like supply chain, manufacturing, finance, etc., but the bitcoin currency depends on blockchain technology to be stable and secure. Many people thought both bitcoin and blockchain trade each other. 

Advantages of Blockchain 

  • Some of the advantages of blockchain technology in the digital currency world: 
  • Digital Signature Security: Blockchain technology is highly secure because of its special feature Digital signature helps an individual’s data be free from fraud transactions by others. 
  • Decentralized System: Blockchain transactions are smooth, safe, and fast with mutual agreement of users. 
  • Capable of Automation: Automated events, payments, and systematic actions are triggered. 
  • Scalability, storage, privacy, security, and regulations are some drawbacks of Blockchain technology. 

Types of Blockchain: 

  • Public Blockchains 
  • Private Blockchains 
  • Consortium Blockchains 
  • Hybrid Blockchains

How does Blockchain Technology Works? 

The combination of cryptographic keys, digital ledger, and peer-to-peer networks form Blockchain technology. It follows as  

Cryptographic keys:

The combination of private and public keys forms the cryptographic keys. Users can handle both keys to create a digital signature for security. 

Digital ledger:

All the transactions are stored systematically and structured as termed a digital ledger. It contains all the numerous nodes and the history of purchases of each node. It acts like an excel sheet. A digital signature saves the information not to being tampered with and is also highly secure. It means anyone can see the date but no one corrupts the information.

Peer-to-Peer network:

A large group of individuals who made agreements on transactions among other things. In this network, each transaction is verified mathematically. 

Blockchain Future  

Blockchain technology's future in the digital currency world is as follows: 

  • All types of cryptocurrencies use distributed ledgers known as the blockchain. 
  •  A blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger system.  
  • In a blockchain network, all the transactions have identical copies among each individual. Distributed digital ledger system that maintains all the transactions are highly secure in the blockchain. 
  • In the cryptocurrency digital world, blockchain technology has boomed with its features like decentralized distributed digital ledger systems. 


Thus, blockchain technology is playing a key role in the modern digital currency or cryptocurrency world. These are some nuisances of blockchain technology.